1. I cannot view the digital magazine

    The digital magazines use Flash for all devices that can accept Flash. Readers on iPads and iPhones should be re-directed to a PDF of the publication. If you are on a machine which is normally capable of displaying Flash (ie a standard PC or Mac) it is possible that your network is blocking the Flash. Some network administrators do this to prevent staff from viewing sites they regard as inappropriate – such as gaming sites – at work. We suggest you forward the link you are trying to access to your network administrators to investigate. They are usually able to enable Flash on specific domains and by adding the domain to their permitted sites allow everything to work. In the meantime, you are able to download a PDF edition of the publication by clicking the PDF icon at the side of the cover.  

  2. I am told I am unauthorised

    Please check your subscription details with...

  3. Can I print the pages?

    Yes, you can print pages by downloading the PDF of the edition by clicking beside the cover. Once you have the PDF you can use your normal print settings on your computer to choose which pages to print. Please be aware that each PDF will be watermarked with your personal subscriber ID and printing is for your own use only. If printed pages are distributed to third parties IHS Jane's reserves the right to cancel your subscription and take action to recover any losses.

  4. Can I forward on this magazine to my colleagues?

    No. Access to the digital magazines and archives are available for individual subscriber's only. We do monitor subscriber logins and will take action against any subscribers who are sharing access with others, including cancelling their access without notice or recompense. Individual downloads of PDFs are also watermarked to protect our copyright and we will cancel the subscription of the account should we discover a watermarked PDF has been shared with third parties.

  5. Can I read my digital magazine on more than one machine?

    Yes. Your account will permit you to login from any computer or tablet device. Just be aware that in order to protect our material we do monitor logins and receive reports on any abnormal behaviour. So please use this flexibility only for your own personal use and abuse of the privileges will be detected and accounts deactivated where we suspect abuse.

  6. What is the best way to read the PDF on my iPad?

    We recommend you download iBooks (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/ibooks/id364709193?mt=8) or a similar programme to manage your library of PDFs.

  7. Is an iPad or other tablet app available?

    Not at this stage but we are always interested to hear your views and update our editions to meet your expectations. Please let us know your thoughts.